How The Worst League Of Legends Player In The World Carried Noobs - And How You Can Too...

Astonishing Short-Cut Secrets to Escape League Hell Then
Get Platinum (and Higher) that Pros Love

Solo queue feels like a lifetime sentence in jail. If you get free from your division, you are freaking lucky. The same garbage happens over and over...

It's frustrating when your mid lane gives the enemy 10 kills in 20 minutes, a teammate rages, and your team frequently makes bad decisions.

You lose, queue up again, and cross your fingers hoping your next team isn't as bad like your other teams.

Just when you think you'll win a game and get out of league hell, your team throws. Another loss is added to your match history.

You feel crazy when you can't carry.

In ranked, you're probably in ladder hell where trash happens every game:

I use to be mega noob.

Hey, my name is Paul Patton and summoner name is UberGiant. I was never a pro gamer and had no super talent.

I was stuck in bronze-tier for the first two years of playing League of Legends... even though I played LoL 3 hours everyday! Then one day I made...

...An Amazing Discovery From the Worst Player in the World to Win at LoL and Carry Bad Teammates

A League of Legends pro named SaintVicious use to jungle for CLG (the team that won the world championships in 2010). SaintVicious was top 50 on American servers with an elo of 2300 (now known as Challenger-tier) until his account got hacked. His new elo was 1. He was officially ranked the worst player in the world.

Players in the LoL forums were afraid. They thought no one could carry a team of noobs so they carefully watched him...

Saintvicious 1 elo

Little did I know he was an angel from heaven here to free me from League of Legends hell.

If hell existed, this was it. In one of his games 2 players went mid, there was no one top, no one leashed his jungle, and his Teemo called him a di** for no reason. If we're stuck in league hell because of bad teammates, then SaintVicious couldn't get back to 2300 elo.

Weeks later, he was top 50, free from league hell, and beating world-class pros again.

He Had the Secret to Carry Anyone

You can too, but what do you do when losing? You probably make all the excuses in the world to say why you lost. "My teammates feed, go afk, rage..."

Nothing will change until you stop blaming and take responsibility. You'll be astonished at the mistakes you make when you criticize your play.

Don't get me wrong. Sometimes you can do nothing when two teammates leave. You lose the occasional game like SaintVicious and other pros no matter how good you play, but you win a lot more when you know how to:

  1. play better
  2. help your team play better

That is the secret to win. Michael Jordan used it to win NBA world championships. It's only possible when you stop blaming others...

This First Puzzle Piece Started to Win Me More Games...

It will for you too. The problem is...

Once you stop blaming others, how do you develop the skills to win?

Without the skills, you cannot carry bad teammates. And when you cannot carry, you trick yourself into blaming them.

How do you learn to counter-pick, pick the right runes and masteries every time, last hit, zone, harass, get kills when you gank, develop map awareness, ward, build correctly, team-fight, communicate with your team, practice better, and learn all the 30+ other skills needed to become a better LoL player?

There's no guide out there to teach you all this. The best answer use to be to pick tips here and there from second-rate guides then learn most of it yourself over hundreds of hours studying, testing, and failing... but this takes so long! And after all that effort, there's no guarantee you're going to come out a better player.

The Best Way to Go Insane Trying to Get Better is Playing Solo Queue for Hours Everyday

You feel like you're trying to cut a tree with a butter knife. You skip studying, don't work, forget to eat... your life suffers.

It is possible to learn by playing endlessly, watching streams, and reading free guides, but it's not worth the sacrifice and never-ending frustration. It takes you over a year of smart learning to figure out the secrets.

If You Think Free Guides are the Answer to Becoming Diamond or Challenger, You're Dead Wrong

Anyone can write a free champion guide. Many players do and give bad advice like one I just read that suggested to always build Chalice of Harmony on an AP champion mid. Some guides are written by pros and I suggest you read these.

The problem for you is an overwhelming amount of information. What do you follow and why?

What about all the skills of becoming a master player you don't even know about? No pro has ever shown you all the skills needed to get great because there is too much to teach (they're too busy playing) and they don't want you to beat them.

You want a map to follow so you can confidently get to where you want to go - whether it is to escape league hell, become a platinum player, or make your team pro - without destroying your life.

After two years of intensive learning, I finally freed myself from elo hell at a 900 rank (now bronze IV). I reached my goal of diamond-tier, which meant I was in the top 1% of the world according to Riot. Our pre-made team held #1 on the Australian LoL ladder winning cash, RP, and rights to play in bigger tournies like Australia's most amazing gaming convention, the EB Expo:

EB Expo

Do you also want to verse pros or live your dream of playing at a massive LAN?

Good news. Players frustrated in solo queue like yourself copied my success using the same short-cuts.

Who Else Wants to Be Free From League Hell and
Get so Good You Humiliate Pros on Their Own Streams...
All in Devastating Time?

Trying the same secrets, my two younger brothers (LittleUberGiant and UberGiantsBro) were more serious. They both went from bronze to diamond-tier on North American servers with 200 ping. On Oceania servers, they reached #1 and #6 on the challenger ladder.

I laughed when LittleUberGiant who:

  1. is in high school
  2. plays on a laptop that has lower performance than a calculator
  3. played on NA servers with 200 ping from Australia
  4. AND beat American giant DoubleLift in bot lane

DoubleLift plays the game professionally 10 hours a day for Team Solo Mid and even played his famous Vayne. Yeah, there was like 20,000 people watching his stream.

Your skills are more important than your bad Internet connection or computer.

Here's proof of our ratings below:

Two Summoner School teachers (LittleUberGiant and UberGiantsBro) #1 and #6 on the Oceania serversLittleUberGiant's NA diamond I ranking (top 0.05%) after Summoner SchoolUberGiantBro's NA diamond I ranking (top 0.05%) after Summoner SchoolUberGiant's Oceania diamond I ranking (top 1%) after Summoner School

We've played with and against all the old pros (because we didn't have Oceania servers) from HotShotGG, TheOddOne, Dyrus, Crumbz, Westrice, Ocelote, Xpecial, Scarra, and the list goes on. I'll prove it. LittleUberGiant carried HotShotGG and Voyboy (some of the world's best players at the time) with a 20-4 Sivir - and he doesn't main AD carries. See the screenshot:

LittleUberGiant carry

Astonishing uh? When you get the right training, you too can carry pros you'd never think of having on your team.

In another recent game, me, two bros, and two friends played a ranked 5s. One of my friend's Internet dropped out right from the start. We were 4 players the entire game against 5 platinum-tier players.

The end result? We beat them in 35 minutes and lost only two towers.

I don't win every game, carry every noob, or dominate every 4v5 match. No one does. But after I discovered how to go from an angry scrub to winning unwinnable games... frustrated players like yourself had to get in on the secrets.

I put every single tip I knew about how to win at League of Legends in a complete system so you can go from... total noob to pro. All the top players I knew shared their best tips and reviewed it to make the course more amazing so you too can escape league hell.

You Will Carry Noobs, Win at LoL,
and Get Platinum-Tier With Summoner School

Summoner School handbook

Summoner School is the most comprehensive course ever written to win at LoL and free yourself from noob teammates. As a student you access a members-only portal with all the lessons, videos, tier-raising tools, and resources.

See below a few of the happy students willing to share their reviews of Summoner School:

On a huge win streak
"Just wanted to let You know That You have gave me That little piece of the puzzle i needed im Now gaining elo like a boss 😉 Thanks"

Frozen Sight
Jumped 2 leagues in 3 days
"Hey, I really appreciate this guide its like nothing I've ever seen before, many if these techniques can actually be used in real life in additional of the game, and it has really improved my game I just jumped up 2 leagues in 3 days."
Lucifer TheLight on Eune
Bronze to Gold
"Gold 5!!!! From bronze 3"
I often get called a smurf
"At first I want so say THANK YOU so much! I graduated summoner school last weekend and the results are unbelievable.

"I started summoner school about 9 weeks ago. My weekly playtime is not much because i work (most playtime at weekends) but with this guide every minute playing was improving!

"In my school time I played about 8 ranked games and won 7 out of it! I started Silver 5 with 0LP and ended Silver 3 last weekend (actaully skipped a division) with playing versus gold III and platinum V players frequently. I often get called a "smurf" in those games 😉 (btw. Dragonsteal with Support Janna Q is awesome)

"Even if I need to read through all parts some more times to make them become instinct, the exercises are worth the money by its own (see the jump above) 🙂

"A ELO boost is much more expensive by the way 😉

"I will recommend this guide to all of my friends who want to become better at LoL!"

Nefasu8 on EUW
Out of silver V after 10 games
"Really great guide and tips overall. Really love what the guys at Summoner School are doing for the LoL community and hopefully this will carry out and benefit the toxic SoloQ world. These tips have already made me get out of my Silver V which I was stuck in for weeks getting Q'ed up with players with under 10 ranked games played! Thanks Summoner School! Your newest fan,"
Steve King from Australia

The course is made of 5 classes that covers everything you need to win games when teammates feed...

Previously Kept Secrets of Pros -
New Sample of What You Learn in Summoner School

After the introduction are four classes: pre-game, in-game, team-game, and post-game. Have a look below to see inside each class...

Get an Unfair Advantage Before the Game Starts With the Pre-Game Class:

  • Unlock all the champions for FREE with 7 simple tips to collect IP fast (save money never buying RP again to own champions and runes) - pg. 10
  • 3 rules of game-winning masteries (ignored by 70% of players) - pg. 2
  • Exact rune pages to use for all roles (so your enemy fears you and you clear the jungle in a snap) - pgs. 12-17
  • The #1 mistake casting the Heal summoner spell... and how it can lose you the game (plus the right ways to pick and use every summoner spell) - pgs. 19-22
  • 5 tips to quickly make friends at champion select (create slaves for the rest of the game eager to listen to your guidance) - pg. 23
  • 2 laws to handle trolls so they don't ruin your game (a troll became my friend with these 2 tips!) - pg. 24
  • A dirty banning strategy to handicap the enemy team (cripple the enemy before champion select) - pg. 26
  • Very simple tactic to get first blood in 2 minutes (hint: it's not invading) - pg. 31
  • Skip the piece of advice on page 23 to make noob teammates worse (but follow it to get your team feeling "you're like family") - pg. 23
  • 7 lost secrets used by pros in tournaments to counter-pick (have enemies in solo queue want to surrender before the loading screen) - pgs. 28-29

Next the In-Game Class Covers All You Need to Dominate as Top, Mid, Bottom, Support, and Jungle:

  • 13 rules for eagle-eye map awareness so you never die to surprising enemies (includes 4 tips that make the blindest teammate safe) - pgs. 26-27
  • How to get kills ganking like Rambo (enemies that escape ganks can make you worse off from missing minion kills)... make your lane opponent angry at his teammates who fed you - pgs. 42-45
  • How to ward anywhere on the map in all stages of the game to get kills and survive ganks (well-used by smart LoL players) - pgs. 3, 6, 9 & 11
  • A hidden secret that is like removing fog-of-war to locate enemy wards... (I've never heard this discussed online) - pg. 15
  • Complete guide to make the enemy jungler look trash (access the step-by-step way to jungle and counter-jungle like the top 0.1% of all players) - pgs. 16-18
  • How to quickly become world-class at last hitting minions in-lane, under towers, and with pressuring enemies so you have 120 minion kills by 15 minutes - pgs. 30-32
  • Never follow a guide again... the "theory of item buying" reveals for the first time what to build and when for any champion (guides and builds are great, but they never teach you "why" and "when" that you learn here) - pgs. 22-23
  • How to counter the enemy with items if you're losing the game and suck at gaming - pg. 24
  • 14 zero-risk ways to harass an enemy (techniques pros live and die by to beat everyday great players) - pgs. 34-35
  • How to hit skill shots and dodge skill shots of all types to look pro (with these tips you get amazing kills and gut-laughing escapes) - pgs. 39-41
  • The lazy way to zone the enemy in each lane so they miss gold and experience (includes 2 rules to not get zoned) - pgs. 36-38
  • How to keep noob teammates alive when tower-diving and get kills (plus a secret weapon to get kills when tower-dived) - pg. 46
  • The rarest guide showing how to carry your team with a support champion... If you hate support and think a support can't win the game, you're playing it wrong (get 70% win-rates like myself with support champions) - pgs. 10-13

Enter League Heaven With the Team-Game Class -
Win Team Fights and Make Your Team Better:

  • The #1 mistake by every League of Legends player that makes them die (a head-slapping moment for you here) - pg. 23
  • Breakthrough way to position and target like a pro in every fight so you get kills and stay alive (stunningly simple way explained step-by-step for the first time) - pgs. 12-13
  • 2000-year-old rule to win team fights in LoL (ancient wisdom reveals when to push towers, retreat, farm, or join your team to fight) - pgs. 4-6
  • How to get kills not fighting the enemy with 3 tactics to poking from former world-champion team CLG - pgs. 3-4
  • What exactly to do in team fights for AD carries, AP carries, tanks, and supports (advice kept hidden by pros to feel like Neo from the Matrix in-control of chaos) - pgs. 8-11
  • How to win when the enemy has double your kills (funny strategy I used to win a game when my team fed the enemy 21 more kills) - pg. 26
  • How to steal Dragon and Baron from 5 enemies (be the hero of your team making the enemy rage with your thievery skills) - pg. 34
  • How to secure Dragon and Baron to make your team gain strong buffs (bonus trick to get Dragon or Baron upon respawning) - pgs. 29-33
  • Get frustrated by a player who doesn't listen (and even rages) when you give advice? Brain-secrets from a mind-control guru to get players thanking you for advice (make your team better in solo queue) - pg. 40
  • How to handle abuse the right way... feel good about yourself and stop haters (also great to use at work, school, and everyday life) - pg. 37

Post-Game Class Unlocks Advanced Yet Simple Tactics to Conquer Your Division and Get Promoted to a New Tier:

  • How to think your way to higher divisions and tiers (inside the mind of the world's best LoL player) - pg. 7
  • How to have fun playing League of Legends without trolling others (you need this advice if you're not laughing with joy every game) - pg. 17
  • One guaranteed method to play better that everyone ignores (I've never seen another player use this effective trick because they are too stubborn) - pg. 2
  • Get up-and-close to pros with the confidential diagram of how pros play better (keep outsiders away from this elite diagram) - pgs. 8-10
  • 7 little mind and body tweaks to get on a win-streak (or break a losing-rut) - pg. 11
  • Your heart is killing you... how to erase rage and nerves in big games (handle the pros you're going to verse who have 10,000 stream viewers with total confidence thanks to new findings from Australian researchers) - pgs. 5-6
  • How to pluck diamonds of advice from pieces of coal (stop wasting time following bad advice from guides, builds, and random players) - pg. 4
  • 6 FREE tools that help you play better all the time - pg. 19
  • Move like lightning through the 3 stages of LoL mastery... from "no clue at all" to "this is easy" in just a few short hours... and then through "impress all your friends to the point you scare them", straight to "ready for the stage" - pg. 15

You may be getting really excited about the step-by-step instructions you'll soon lay your hands on in Summoner School. You see how it's your answer to end the frustrations of losing game-after-game. One question nags on your mind...

“Will This Actually Work For Me?”

Summoner School IS NOT for you if:

  • You're happy with your ladder ranking and don't want to play better
  • You're okay with trying to figure what works by yourself, from guides, and streams for at least 2 hours everyday for 2 years (it took me and my bros [3 players] 5 hours most days over 3 years to create the lessons in Summoner School)

Summoner School IS PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to become pro-like in LoL the easy way
  • You get frustrated by a defeat
  • You're sick of teammates that make you lose
  • You want a fast way to stomp solo queue

You now see how the course is your match made in heaven. It's your secret resource to go from feeding noob teammates to a pro-level.

Now you ask, "how much does it cost?" My question to you is...

How Much Is Ending Solo Queue Bull **** Worth to You?

I use to rage playing LoL trying to carry noobs. You may too. It's not fun even though you enjoy the game.

You cannot put a price on being great at something you love.

How much have you spent on RP to buy skins, champions, and rune pages? $50? $100? Some players have paid over $600!

Having that cool Teemo skin doesn't make you play better. Summoner School will.

Are You Willing to Sacrifice a Few Skins to Become in the Top 1% of All Players?

I hope so. When Summoner School was released, enrollment was $US47 per month. No guide covers everything to make players damn good. Students felt that was a great deal.

I recently moved the website to a cheaper web host and wanted more players who couldn't afford monthly bills to join... and was able to slice the cost of Summoner School for a limited time.

You now get permanent access to Summoner School not for $US47 per month but for a one-off payment of $US67. No hidden bills.

That's equal to 9 skins... to get so good you play with pros everyday.

I may have to make it $47 per month soon to pay my graphics designer, support staff, and tech guy. To be fair though, if you signup now for $67, you get lifetime access with no hidden nasties. Get started today.

It's normal to be concerned about price. That's why when you safely enroll today, you will...

Get Gold-Tier or Your Money Back

If you're really serious, with the course you can get challenger-tier like my two brothers. I am making an oath to you that Summoner School will make you however good you want as long as you follow the simple steps...

Summoner School guarantee

You gotta HURRY though. With the number of members growing fast as their friends recommend the course, you'll want the short-cut skills to carry anyone quick.

Get in before you have more noobs on your team and miss picking up the skills of pros. End your solo queue pain now. It's your choice. Be the one who humiliates the enemy when you have bad teammates.

Here's What to Do Now


Sign me up. I believe Summoner School is the fastest and easiest way to free myself from noob teammates and win at League of Legends. I understand that...

  • I'll learn all the step-by-step skills to become a master LoL player. These are all the strategies players use to leave bronze-tier and get challenger
  • By taking quick action now, I get lifetime access to be a full Summoner School student for a one-time payment of US$67. There's no hidden bills
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Here's to you winning more games in League of Legends with noob teammates,
Paul Patton
Paul Patton

P.S. If you signup now, you instantly get your hands on a simple bonus: the quick-start guide to win more LoL. It's the fastest guide to carry. Stop cutting a tree with a butter knife by trying to figure out on your own how to win. There's no other guide on the Internet, stream, or way of learning every skill needed to get in the top 1% of all players. Summoner School reveals all for the first time. Access the course now.

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