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The short, pro guide to dominate as Anivia in mid lane. Learn the builds, masteries, counters, and special fighting tactics to carry as her in LoL.


Lane Strategy

  • You get a power surge at level three with one ability in Flash Frost and two in Frostbite. Flash Frost can deal double damage as well as Frostbite from the frost proc
  • If your jungler has a non-skill shot crowd control like Maokai snare, wait until that lands before casting Flash Frost to guarantee you hit your stun and chain your abilities
  • Clear raptors only when you have blue buff or are about to back. You're too mana-dependent
  • Improve the chances of landing your slow stun by walling behind the enemy, seeing the direction he moves, then cast it
  • Once you hit 6, most of your harass will come from an ult into Frostbite combo. This sets you up to hit Flash Frost because your close and the enemy is slowed from your ult. Ideally you want to stun the target in your ult. If not, the stun then wall allows you to get another ult and Frostbite off seconds late
  • When you want to push a wave, tank the melee minions until they line up, then use Glacial Storm and Flash Frost to clear
  • Always know if your egg is up or not. You can be more ballsy when your passive is up

Team Fight Tactics

  • Your ability to clear waves and siege towers is fantastic. You can defend towers well and zone enemies with your wall
  • A level 5 Crystallize provides enormous catch potential when trying to taken an enemy tower
  • Fight in the jungle because your wall is guaranteed to separate a team while your ultimate covers most narrow passages
  • You have two common ways to initiate fights: get into the fog of war then cast Flash Frost or use Crystallize behind one unsuspecting enemy who steps too far forward
  • Get your ult on an attack-speed based champion to debuff their attack speed. You can save your other abilities for other champions
  • Look to use your wall early if you can keep an important enemy out of the fight
  • If an enemy bruiser initiates or gets caught too far from his team, use your wall to block the remaining enemies from engaging. Banish the engager then move onto the remaining enemies
  • If a tank does little damage to you but sticks on you, cast your ultimate on you and walk around in it
  • If your AD carry is more fed than the enemy AD carry, use all your abilities to peel
  • Be patient with your Flash Frost if you cannot kill or be killed. A good Flash Frost that passes through an enemy can double proc its damage when detonated and stun

Sneaky Tactics

  • Launch your Flash Frost as you auto-attack to confuse your opponent that the stun is coming. The particle affects are similar
  • Anivia works well with Ashe and Nunu because their movement speed debuffs proc the double damage from Frostbite
  • Crystallize brushes to gain vision without walking inside. Use it to check Baron from top side
  • Crystallize does one true damage if it shifts an enemy. Be aware it can lead you to take tower damage
  • Interrupt dashes with Crystallize as you see the enemy beginning the move. Good for Jarvan IV. (Example video)


  • Be careful when laning while your Flash Frost is on cooldown
  • You're one of the slowest champions in the game
  • You're mana-heavy
  • CC cancels your ultimate

Anivia is Countered By

Anivia Counters

  • Mordekaiser
  • Karthus
  • Ekko

Counter Mechanics

  • Mobile enemies like Fizz and Kassadin counter you when they juke Flash Frost with their mobility to get close, deal massive damage, and disrupt Anivia's ult. Zed works in a similar fashion when he casts a shadow behind, switches to it to dodge the stun, then nukes
  • Vulnerable to large gap closers like Malphite and Cho'Gath who negate Crystallize
  • Does well verse champions like Mordekaiser and Karthus who get up close and are kept in Anivia's ultimate