is home of "Summoner School" where League of Legends players enroll to get great at playing LoL and win friends in game.

You should enroll if:

  1. You are frustrated by teammates you think make you lose
  2. You want to reach platinum-tier or higher
  3. You want to master every champion, tactic, and skill that makes you a great player
  4. You want more fun playing League of Leagues no matter how bad your day is going

Created by three diamond and challenger-tier brothers (UberGiant, UberGiantsBro, and LittleUberGiant) who have played against nearly every top player in the world, Summoner School helps you achieve the division you want. You can watch an infamous game on YouTube known as one of the greatest comebacks in solo queue (an oldie), a cool intro show-off by Riot, a news piece covering us by Riot, some highlights by a fan, an Oceanic Championship game, or at a live event on stage under e-sport giant sponsor Dignitas.

Despite versing the best in the world on NA servers with 200-300 ping from Australia, having never played other games professionally, and playing League on bad computers that players call "calculators", they have "hacked" the way to dominate League of Legends and given it all away in Summoner School.

For the first time ever, you are taken by the hand in Summoner School to discover all the skills needed to become pro. No League of Legends guide or build has ever explained step-by-step every skill you need to carry your way to higher divisions all in one place.

Join over a thousand League of Legends players in Summoner School by ordering here.