A lesson with the Summoner School faculty is the fastest way to become a better player and win more at League of Legends.

We've played with and against all the top pros from DoubleLift, TheOddOne, Dyrus, Crumbz, Froggen, Ocelote, Xpecial, Scarra, and the list goes on.

Coaching is done over Ventrilo or Skype with a variety of methods the coach deems will help you play the best (like spectating you stream a game, duo queue, or playing together in a custom game).

One lesson is US$40 per hour. Payment is made via PayPal.

Click here then fill out the form saying:

  1. The time and day when you want to be coached in GMT time. Provide two dates of various times in case another student has taken your requested coaching slot
  2. Your League of Legends summoner name and what server you play on

A faculty member will usually reply to you within 24 hours.