69 Tips To Become A Better ADC In LoL

Hi there, I'm UberGiantsBro a diamond 1 ADC from NA (on 200 ping), pro player in Oceania, and here's my 69 tips to become a better ADC. Enjoy!


Tip #01: When learning ADC (or Marksman if you're a hipster) focus on csing well first, you'll have plenty of time to learn the other skills.
Tip #02: It may take you a few games with a new ADC to get used to their auto animation, try nailing cs first with bots or in a normal game first if you aren't confident.
Tip #03: One of the best times to harass is when they move up for a last hit. They will normally be engaged in attacking the minion and so will not be able to retaliate in time.
Tip #04: Further more, if you see your opponent getting ready to harass you when you go for a cs you can surprise them by harassing them back instead of going for the cs.
Tip #05: Always check what summoner spells the enemy has.
Tip #06: Track when they use their summoners and write it in the chat, Flash has a 5 min~ cooldown.
Tip #07: Heavy pushing can be an effective strat as you force the enemy to last hit under the tower where you can more easily harass him/poke tower.
Tip #08: Don't rely on your support for map awareness.
Tip #09: Dorans blade is the most effective start on most ADC's, coupled with a couple lifesteal quints you generally have enough sustain to survive the early game.
Tip #10: Remember to check your runes and masteries! Adjust them accordingly before the game starts.

Tip #11: DID YOU KNOW; Caitlyn has the highest base Auto Attack (AA) range at of any ADC at 650, however Twitch, Koggers and Trist can all outrange her if you include their skills and passive at certain points in the game.
Tip #12: At 650, Cait's redonkulous AA range makes her one of the best lane bullies in the game. Use this to your advantage by keeping the range leash on your opponent.
Tip #13: If you cast Cait's Peacemaker (q) straight after her 90 Caliber Net (e) you can save time on the casting animation of the Peacemaker.
Tip #14: On a similar note to #3, if you use Ezreal's Essence Shift (e) or Essence Flux (w) straight after a Mystic Shot (q) you can also lessen the time spent in .animation stun'. Great for blue Ezreal!
Tip #15: When versing Caitlyn in lane, make sure to keep an eye on her passive so you don't get hit with a (BOOM) Headshot for free.
Tip #16: Try to always keep a Yordle Snap Trap (w) in your lane brushes when possible, this helps catch any sneaky yordles coming to gank you. Oh how many supports I've seen run into that brush when escaping too, quiet funny.
Tip #17: DID YOU KNOW; Corki's Phosphurus Bomb (q) is one of the few abilities inLoL that can reveal stealth, it's also the biggest reason why he's known as a counter to Vayne in lane! Dat auto-q harass.
Tip #18: Harass effectively by using an auto into a Phosphurus Bomb.
Tip #19: Corki's passive deals true damage equal to 10% of his AD on each AA, this is why flat AD runes are the most preferred for the Daring Bombardier.
Tip #20: Corki's Gatling Gun (e) procs each of Leona's passive, this is why Corki-Leona was one of the most feared bot lane combos back in the day.

Tip #21: DID YOU KNOW; Draven can catch enemy Draven's axes - "Now this is how to move."
Tip #22: It's not Draven, it's DRAAAAVEN. (joke)
Tip #23: Draven's axes go towards where you click after your AA animation, practice it a lot if you want to move fluidly.
Tip #24: DID YOU KNOW; At 350hp Ezreal has the (tied) 2nd lowest base health out of any champion in the game, behind Lux at 345.
Tip #25: All of Ezreal's abilities are skill shots, smartcast is highly recommend for maximum pew-pewness.
Tip #26: Ezreal is an extremely safe blind pick because he basically has no counters and he works with a lot of supports. He is also a very safe laner due to his long range Mystic Shot and his mobility makes him very safe in teamfights.
Tip #27: Ezreal's lack of steroid is his only weakpoint as his damage tends to fall off late game so ADC's that scale well into late can often be a good pick into an Ezreal lane ie. Vayne.
Tip #28: Graves gets rewarded for getting up in his opponents grill, he works well with bursty all-in supports like Leona, Alistar and Taric.
Tip #29: Smokescreen the enemy carries in teamfights as they may get scared and back off instead of following their team.
Tip #30: Graves can't dash over the wall from wraiths to red (I'VE FAILED THAT ONE TOO MANY TIMES) but he can dash over most small walls.


Tip #31: Kog'Maw is widely known as the best late game 'hyper carry' due to his insane DPS and Range that comes with his Bio-Arcane Barrage (w).
Tip #32: Each of Living Artilleries (r) cost 40 additional mana if you use them within 6 seconds of the previous one. Space out your harass once you hit 6 so you don't run oom.
Tip #33: Make sure to trade with your W up and back off a bit when it's on cd.
Tip #34: Caustic Spittle (q) gives Kog passive attack speed - I didn't know this for so long playing Koggers - and it increases as you level it up.
Tip #35: Miss Fortune's passive movement speed becomes null when she takes damage, keep that in mind when playing as her or against her.
Tip #36: MF has very good all-in and poke in lane but her weakness is a lack of mobility (with her passive down) and a medium range.
Tip #37: MF has very good scaling with AD which makes BT core and a BT-LW-IE build viable on her.
Tip #38: On the opposite note, you can also build on-hit items for hilarious results because of her Impure Shots (w) ability.
Tip #39: Twitch can outrange turrets with his ulty - tower is 800 range and Twitch's ult is 850. Not recommended to use his ult for towers.
Tip #40: Twitch has incredible early kill potential with his Expunge (e) as well as passive poison dot + ignite. You could use this to snowball your lane however if it doesn't work it may hurt you more not having that barrier or cleanse.

Tip #41: Make sure you learn Expunges range, if you leave it too late to use it they might be out of range when you do and slip away.
Tip #42: If you're having a hard time in lane, don't be afraid to use your ult to harass/push the minions so you can cs easier or back off to buy.
Tip #43: DID YOU KNOW; Quinn is the only ADC with two forms (Jayce doesn't count!)
Tip #44: You can proc Quinn's Harrier passive twice in a row if you use Vault straight after firing the auto to proc the first passive.
Tip #45: Quinn's blind from Blinding Assault (q) and insane movement speed from Valor (r) makes her incredibly good in duels and for split pushing respectively.
Tip #46: You can use Quinn's vault to escape Jarvan's ultimate, also if you use vault with your back to a small wall you can leap back over it. Fancy.
Tip #47: When playing against Tristana, stay away from the exploding minions if you can to avoid unneeded harass.
Tip #48: Tristana trades decently with auto-e harass, make sure to use it whenever the enemy AD gets in range then back off.
Tip #49: Last hitting with Trist under tower early is very tough, try pushing against her early if you can.
Tip #50: Many abilities can cancel Trist's Rocket Jump (w) mid air or during the cast of it.

Tip #51: Hybrid pen marks are extremely effective on Trist due the mixed damage she deals early on.
Tip #52: Urgot did get hit quiet hard with the nerf to his ultimate a while ago but can still be an effective lane bully, make sure to run mana-regen runes/masteries to help spam those Acid Hunters (q).
Tip #53: DID YOU KNOW; Urgot has the lowest base range on his AA out of any ADC at 425.
Tip #54: Urgot gains a tonne of armour and magic resist from his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (r) so try to use it at the start of an engage if possible for the bonus resist's.
Tip #55: Because of Urgot's hungriness for mana and how his kit works, he works great with Soraka as a support. If you time it well you can swap yourself in to a teamfight with a Soraka heal for insane amounts of Resists! What does the scanner say about Urgot's armour level? IT'S OVER 9000!!! Ugh, these jokes, Urgot to be kidding me....
Tip #56: You can build Varus several ways and depending on how you build him you should consider maxing different skills. For example if you are stacking AD/arPen you could poke really well by maxing Varus' Piercing Arrow (q) first or you might trying maxing his Blighted Quiver (w) - after a few points in other skills in the laning phase - if you are building attack speed first.
Tip #57: Despite the magic damage Varus deals, hybrid pen marks are not very effective on him as his q and e deal physical damage. ArPen or Flat AD would be the better choices.
Tip #58: Chain of Corruption (r) is a great initiation/counter initiation tool, don't be afraid to fire it at the tanks as it will spread to nearby champions. Huehuehue.
Tip #59: As Vayne you can Tumble (q) into a wall to get an instant auto attack.
Tip #60: You can use Condemn (e) the enemy AD into the turret if they are farming infront of it, this might catch them offguard and lead to an easy kill.


Tip #61: If there is a big wave pushing towards your turret try to trim it safely, you don't want to engage near the big stack of minions (especially early) and you want to leave as few last hits as possible for when it hits the turret.
Tip #62: In teamfights you should be focusing the most valuable target within range that you can target safely. This sentence alone should guide you for how you broadly want to play a teamfight as an ADC.
Tip #63: Team's generally rely on the ADC to push down objectives after a fight so you want to be one of the last standing if possible.
Tip #64: When the enemy has an orange line around them it means that they are targeting you.
Tip #65: If you can lead minions into a brush then you know the brush is warded (or there's a teemo hiding in there).
Tip #66: You can get a nice advantage early by pushing straight away and hitting level 2 first, especially if you have a potent level 2 support like Alistar or Leona.
Tip #67: Experiment with your ADCs - be diverse with your builds and with your champions so that you can experience ALL the matchups and get to know what works best in what scenario.
Tip #68: Be critical of yourself. Don't blame your support when you get ganked or when you die in a teamfight. There is almost ALWAYS something you could have done better. Learn. To. Be. Critical.
Tip #69: Keep up with the 'fotms' like Blue Ezreal. You don't have to play it but generally it's fotm for a reason (op) and you want to at least know how to counter it.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and learned something. Follow me on Twitter @UberGiantsBro and sign up to Summoner School to learn everything you need to know to climb the leagues by clicking here.

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