is home of Summoner School where League of Legends players discover how to get better by developing skills to become pro-like and friendly in-game. We're a small team of passionate players giving the LoL community something it needs.

We're not Riot, but it's something to get paid for in League of Legends.

Now hiring: Graphics Artist | Writer

League of Legends Graphics Artist

Love to draw League of Legends pictures in Photoshop and want to earn from it? We're hiring.

You'll work with the creators of Summoner School to create graphics that help teach lessons and strategy as well as beautify articles. Your work will go on the blog and in Summoner School.

To apply, contact us saying:

  1. You're applying for the graphics position
  2. Provide links to samples of your work
  3. The hours of work and pay you're after

If we think you could be the right person, you'll be contacted for a brief interview.

League of Legends Writer

Forget writing a guide and getting nothing in return. is after League of Legends players that write well and have something to teach others. Why are we hiring a writer? A small group of us don't have time to write articles every week for the blog.

Here's an idea of your role:

  1. You can write just about anything to do with playing League of Legends better like interview LoL pros, compare two items, how to get out of bronze-tier right now, review lessons from a recent tournament. We're not about builds. For the best idea of what we're after, see work on Reign of Gaming from the likes of Emeraldw and GentlemanGustaf
  2. You're to write an article for the blog readable by everyone each fortnight. Most articles will be between 1,000 to 2,000 words
  3. Initially work with Summoner School founders for your first few articles before becoming independent
  4. Complete Summoner School so you're familiar with all of it and can reference it in your articles

You must have excellent command of the written word, love to play League of Legends, the drive to get work done being at home, and the creative ability to build readership. To apply, contact us saying:

  1. You're applying for the writing position
  2. Your summoner name and the server you play on
  3. Provide a sample of your writing related to playing League of Legends better. Link to it or you can upload a file to If you don't have a sample, create one now and you could use it as your first article if selected
  4. Share a topic you'd like to write about
  5. Your expected pay per 100 words

If we think you could be the right person, we'd love to hear from you.