What's up Summoners! UberGiantsBro here and I'm proud to bring you the first episode of Learn to Team Fight with Summoner School. Today we'll be doing an analysis of the big teamfights in TSM vs Vulcun's game from day 1, week 7 of the NA LCS summer split and we're focusing mainly on decision making so I encourage you to put yourself in these players shoes and see what you would have done differently in each situation. Alright let's get into the first Team Fight!

Hey Summoners, I'm UberGiantsBro and today we're having a look at teamfighting dynamics and the risk-reward factors that come with decision making in teamfights. I've hardly seen this taught anywhere else so I'm excited to share it with you and if it goes well I'll look to do more teamfighting videos so I hope you learn something!

So what we're gonna do is we'll be break down some Pro level teamfights to see exactly why these players make these decisions so you can learn from them and improve. This episode we'll be using the TSM vs Vulcun game from week 7 in the NA LCS . One thing I highly recommend you do is putting yourself in these players positions and thinking what you might've done differently in each scenario, so you can be critical of yourself and learn more!

[teamfight at 37.08 mins].

TSM looks to engage here because they have super minions coming down the mid lane, Xpecial pop Shurelyas to try and force the engage - you only have split seconds to make these decisions - OddOne follows up with a Flash Cocoon to try and force the engage further and even though it only hits Nasus it gets the flash out of Ashe which gives TSM's dive comp an advantage.

So Regi is making a beeline for an Ashe with no escape while ManCloud on Ahri is sitting off on the wings because he wants to flank Twitch. As a small side flanking Twitch is a good idea because it makes it harder for him to AOE the teamfight. So right now Dyrus would be watching Regi for when he goes in. At this point Ashe should just distance herself from Zed as much as possible and wait for him to use some CDs before re-engaging. If you were Ashe, you'd want to be staring at Zed respecting his zone because he'd one shot you before you even auto attack.

So we go forward a bit more and notice that Bloodwater burns his hook on Elise and Regi goes ham.

So there's a couple things, Ashe burns her arrow instead of holding it til after Zed uses his CDS, Regi is going ham - he may have got a bit lucky dodging under the arrow like that - and importantly Thresh burns his deathsentence on Elise.

This play was actually pretty big so I'll explain why he did it. Bloodwater is in the mindset of 'engage, let's go counter engage' rather than thinking about the exact abilities he wants to save for peel. So if instead he chose to save it for when Zed jumps in just moments later, the small amount of lockdown on Zed may have allowed Vulcun to burst him rather than Zed bursting Ashe, and the teamfight might have been different. It might seem like nitpicking but this (very small) mis-step from Bloodwater leaves Ashe open for assassination. What is a Flay and The Box going to do against Zed? Not much.

What you can take out of BloodWater's mistake is that you should always be thinking about how you want to use each of your abilities in advance before you get into a teamfight.

Another thing to mention now is that Dyrus is ready, he would be watching Regi to time his ult for when he goes.

So as we play forward slowly a and Ashe gets popped despite the Thresh Flay, Ult and Exhaust and Zac's Let's Bouncedown being used on Zed.

The rest of the fight plays out a bit messily, OddOne bails like his ship is sinking but eventaully returns back to the fight to clean up.

So despite the Thresh Flay, Ult and Exhaust and Zac's Let's Bounce all being used on just Zed alone Ashe still gets popped because of the flash they managed to burn by forcing the engage with Shurelyas.

[teamfight at 40.17]

So the arrow comes in but instead of TSM backing off, they all move forward to cover Dyrus! [pause][arrows everywhere plz] So the reason why TSM did this instead of backing off like a lot of lower level players would do is to cover the guy who gets arrowed, this forces Vulcun to run past the other guys if they want to chain CC Rumble. Dyrus would be calm right now because he knows he is tanky and all he has to do is get his ult off. So Dyrus' mindset now is looking for a good opporunity to hit as many people as possible with the Rumble ult.

So as we play forward a bit Xmithie withers Zed and BloodWater deathsentences Zed. Xmithie wasted his wither on Zed because the attack and movement speed debuff doesn't really effect Zed here compared to say if he used it on Twitch instead. The reason he did that is because Zed is clearly still their #1 priority but again it's just thinking about how you want to use your abilities before you get into a teamfight. But hey, Bloodwater learnt from his mistake and saved his Death Sentence for Zed - good players learn from their mistakes!

So the biggest thing that happened here is that in the rush to burst Zed (spirit rush get it?), Ahri clumped on Ashe and Thresh. Whenever you're playing a carry position (and ESPECIALLY against AOE champs like Rumble) you always wanna try and stay split so it makes it harder for you to both get hit by AOE.

See that Rumble ult chunks the carries so hard. Here we have a 3 versus 4, a perfect example of a high risk, high reward situation where you have to make an instinctive decision. It's hard to make this sort of split second decision but the more you do it the more confident you will become in yourself and the better decisions you will be able to make. Elise and Thresh choose to go in.

So I'll just talk a bit more before recapping. These dynamic teamfight decisions are, I think, the most stressful but rewarding decisions in LoL - a game of decision making. You feel terrible when you make the wrong decision but you also feel great when you make the right one. Nobody makes perfect decisions all the time but the more you practice it and put yourself in that situation, the better you get at it. It's like most skills in LoL that you can learn about in Summoner School, but there are sometimes blocks in the way that stop you from learning and you don't even realise they're there. This is one of the things Summoner School can help you reconise, if you're interested in Summoner School check out the link in the description.

Well that's it for this first teamfighting dynamics episode, I hope you learned something and enjoyed it. And if you did and you wanna see more of these videos make sure to let me know with a like or comment and share it with a mate who might find it useful. Also you can follow me on Twitter @UberGiantsBro. Thanks for watching and all the best in solo queue!