Below are reviews from students of Summoner School who shared their experience doing the League of Legends training school:

 by Arthur Yap on Summoner School
went from silver to plat and close to diamond

Hey guys, babyarf from the NA server. When i started playing this game, i was bronze 5. Gold was only a dream and plat was all but a wish. After reading this guide which I was very skeptical of, I was blown away. I've become a better player in general and always refer to this guide on a frequent basis when I rank. Now I'm plat 3 looking to reach master tier. The guide is worth it!

 by Alex on Summoner School
Results are AMAZING

This program surely will work for everyone. Went from Bronze V to Gold V with not only one account, but my smurf as well. If you follow exactly the instructions on the program I guarantee the claims are true.

 by Tiago Ornelas on Summoner School
First Day of SS and the results

Greetings from Brazilian server! (The worst soloQ on the world) . Two days ago I started studying this guide! I've dons this before, but this one showed me the way! I can see now what I was doing wrong, and just by doing the first steps to get this fixed, I won 5 ranked games and not a single defeat! They dove me, i got double kill! I got the best cs on field! Warded the map while losing and going for out of position enemy and turning the game in to victory! Lead them to victory!

 by Andre Cowie (BRNME) on Summoner School
i have improved alot at jungle

i was stuck in silver 5 and was raging alot. sure my teams where bad, sure i knew i was better than silver 5. after about a week of not to much playing i have got out in s3 with about 90 points. the main thing i learned that i believe is the best to win ranked games is becoming the shot caller for the teams because i think i understand the shot calls alot better than the average person in my league due to me watching all ogn and lcs and alot of oce and lpl so i know how pros play the game. also just emphasizing the warding and loved the little tips like if your playing mid and u dont buy a ward on your first back u will probs die to a gank stuff like that. I was already very versatile but i have improved alot at jungle i believe due to when to gank and what lanes to gank 🙂 ty for the help will keep the giant bros posted 😉

 by Roy DePhillip on Summoner School
You've turned a skeptic into an admirer

I'm closing in on the end of the Team-Game class and I must say this is a very thorough guide. I've picked up a couple of pointers reading through and was happy to see some of my best practices already in the guide.

Being a primarily support player I've adapted my warding slightly and am happy with the methods suggested by the guides. I have done some last hit practice in showdowns versus friends and was happy to say I was doing fairly well. In standard Summoner's Rifts I'm hitting between 90 and 125 creeps by 15 minutes. Something to work on.

The anti-troll advice has worked wonderfully for 90% of my games since applying it. I was never baited by trolls in the past, but I never tried to counter it with politeness... I just didn't speak.

I look forward to finishing the guide, and seeing the updates. I'm even practicing more than my comfort zone champions.

You've turned a skeptic into an admirer!

Roy DePhillip


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