The best LoL players have a set of skills they’ve mastered that set them apart from the casual player. They don’t have mysterious qualities that make them superhuman.

In all areas of life, the successful do their craft differently to a “normal person”. Take for example a world-class musician. He practices at least 4 hours everyday and gets weekly lessons while your local trumpet player will have one lesson a month and play less than 4 hours a week. And then there are others who talk about wanting to learn an instrument yet do nothing about it.

If you model what a world-class musician, athlete, or in our case a LoL player does, you probably won’t reach the challenger-tier in solo queue, but you will get close to their results. Summoner School is structured in a way that breaks down all the skills of a great player into a step-by-step fashion so you too can play like a pro.

It will work for you if you put in the time to practice, review lessons, then play some more. You can get started by signing up.