Here's how you can easily refer players to Summoner School then earn money from it.

After you signup to the affiliate email list (so you get the latest affiliate updates and tips), you need a Clickbank account. If you don't have an account, create a free one here. It's quick and easy. Clickbank guarantees you get credited and paid when you refer a member.

Next, enter your Clickbank affiliate ID below then click "Generate Your Affiliate Tools" to have all links on this page become your special affiliate link. You then simply share and promote your generated link.

Your Clickbank affiliate ID:  

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How do I get accredited with the sale if someone signs up to the free guide then clicks on a link inside the guide to buy Summer School? Links in emails of the free course do not affect tracking. Clickbank's HopLinks uses 60-day cookies so if someone clicks on your link then purchases later through the email course, you get credited for the sale. The email course is made to increase your sales because subscribers experience the high quality of the course.

Do You Stream?

Stream viewers love to learn from you. They often ask how they can do something better. Now you can refer them to Summoner School so they get more amazing lessons.

In addition to putting your special link generated below in the description of your stream, I'm more than happy to help create a special page that mentions your name for your stream viewers where they can buy the course. I can also give you special access to the course for your review. Just let me know.


This is a quick section to help you get sales.

Do Summoner School. Enroll to see what makes Summoner School awesome. Knowing how amazing the training course is helps you get people to signup.

Use the copy. Browse the site then pull out the points you think are most powerful to get people drooling with excitement.

Track links. This is for advanced users. Identify where sales come from with Clickbank's tracking ID so you can do more of what works. All your links on this page support the feature. Simply add the tracking ID variable of your choice to the end of your link. Follow Clickbank's tracking ID guidelines.

Use several methods. If you just share your link on your blog, you leave money on the table. The more you share, the greater your chances are to make sales. For ideas, try the following strategies:

  • Write champion guides on popular sites like MobaFire, LoLKing, and League Craft then recommend the course.
  • Share the link in the description of your stream
  • If you have a website or blog, put your link on multiple pages. Put one link in the navigation but also inside and at the bottom of posts
  • If you have an email list, send multiple emails over time with League of Legends tips. Include your affiliate link mentioning the course. This is great to do with an autoresponder service
  • Post about the course on Facebook and Twitter
  • Use your link in a recommended resources section of your blog
  • And much more you can think of!

Your standard affiliate link:


If you want a different image size, you're allowed to resize all images using a simple free program called IrfanView then upload the edited image to your website. Another way (though it is less recommended because the image loses quality) is to resize the image with CSS.

Summoner School transparent cover (202x250)

Summoner School cover (202x250)

Summoner School

Summoner School

Summoner School logo (250x150)

Summoner School flat cover (164x200)

Summoner School

Summoner School


League of Legend players love good video. You're allowed to embed as many videos from our YouTube channel as you want onto your site. You're also allowed to upload one video (per affiliate) onto video sites as long as you link to the original video. Watch one video sample:


Tips banner 336x280

Click to preview tips banner 336x280

Tips banner 468x60

Click to preview tips banner 480x60

Tips banner 160x600

Click to preview tips banner 160x600

Tips banner 728x90

Click to preview tips banner 728x90

Free course banner 640x125px

Click to preview the free course banner 640x125

Professional banner 336x280

Click to preview professional banner 336x280


Let your Facebook friends know about Summoner School and make affiliate commissions at the same time.

Do this several ways:

  • Write a status update of your choice and include your special link
  • Message a friend who plays League of Legends or post on their wall, mentioning the guide and provide your link
  • If you have a Facebook fan page, post this on its wall:

If you have a Facebook fan page, do a status update sharing how you recommend the course to fans who want to get better. Something like:


Add your affiliate link to the pdf file given below and share it however you want. This is referred to as "branding a report". When you give the report away, others do the selling for you as they then share it with friends!

Use the reports in many ways to increase the number of readers and sales:

  • Share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Give it away to people who signup to your website
  • Include the reports in the recommended resources section on your website
  • Create a new guide or blog post linking to your branded report
  • Review Summoner School and provide the report as a taste of what someone will learn

How to Brand a Report

  1. Download your report below.
  2. Download the PDFBrand.exe file and save it to your computer. It's a 346KB .exe file that will rebrand any report for you.
  3. Run the PDFBrand.exe file then drag the downloaded report into the window of the application. You'll be asked to enter your Clickbank affiliate nickname.
  4. Click "Brand" at the top then "Save". Your done!

Report to Download

  1. Summoner School Sample

Report Image

Summoner School Sample

Contact me if you have a question I can help you with.

To your success,

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