Tough question. Asking how long it takes to improve as a student of Summoner School is like wanting to know the length of a piece of string.

In a survey of students, we found many gain one tier in four weeks. This means they move from bronze to silver, or gold to platinum in less than a month. How fast you improve depends on how close you follow Summoner School and the effort you put in.

If you have any LoL experience, you know the best way to go insane trying to get better is playing solo queue for hours everyday. This form of improvement takes at least 1 year.

You feel like you’re trying to cut a tree with a butter knife. You skip studying, don’t work, forget to eat… your life suffers.

It is possible to learn by playing endlessly, watching streams, and reading free guides, but it’s not worth the sacrifice and never-ending frustration. It takes you over a year of smart learning to figure out the secrets.

The world record for noob to pro would have to be Korea’s Shy who began competing after six months. He received professional coaching and had expert players guide him everyday.

You don’t have thousands of dollars for professional coaching. With Summoner School, you have access to everything you need (for less than a night out) that has taken players from bronze to challenger-tier.

Summoner School is your map to follow so you confidently get to where you want to go – whether it is to escape league hell, become a platinum player, or make your team pro – without destroying your life.

There are tips, like sticking to one role and two champions, to get you instantly winning more games. There is training that takes time to become a habit for skills such as “shift-clicking”.

You get everything you need with a 8-week money-back guarantee. Get started by signing up here.

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