How do you learn to counter-pick, pick the right runes and masteries every time, last hit, zone, harass, get kills when you gank, develop map awareness, ward, build correctly, team-fight, communicate with your team, practice better, and learn all the 30+ other skills needed to become a better LoL player?

There’s no guide out there to teach you all this. The best answer use to be to pick tips here and there from second-rate guides then learn most of it yourself over hundreds of hours studying, testing, and failing… but this takes so long! And after all that effort, there’s no guarantee you’re going to come out a better player.

The best way to go insane trying to get better is playing solo queue for hours everyday. You feel like you’re trying to cut a tree with a butter knife.

It is possible to learn by playing endlessly, watching streams, and reading free guides, but it’s not worth the sacrifice and never-ending frustration. You don’t become a better basketball player by watching the NBA. When commentators breakdown plays as some streamers do, you do learn to play better, but improvement is slow because there’s tonnes of other skills required to execute what the streamer is talking about.

It takes you over a year to figure out the secrets by yourself when you endlessly watch streams, test, then pick apart crap advice from good advice in guides scattered everywhere. Take our hand so we can guide you. Access all the secrets now. Summoner School is structured in a way that breaks down all the skills of a great player into a step-by-step fashion so you too can play like a pro.

It will work for you if you follow lessons then practice using the given plan. Get started by signing up.

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