We live in Australia and played with 200 ping on American servers for 2 years beating players like DoubleLift and TheOddOne. Now we have Oceania servers, LittleUberGiant (one of the creators behind Summoner School), held #1:

Two Summoner School teachers #1 and #6 on the Oceania servers

It doesn’t matter what server you play or where you’re from. That’s exactly like doubting if guitar lessons that worked for someone in the US will not work for you because you live in Spain. Skill does not discriminate based on geographic region.

The server you play on or your region has zero affect on your ability to get good with Summoner School.

The only thing that differs between regions is meta. In Summoner School there’s even a lesson on meta, how to innovate meta, and how to adjust to various styles of play.

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