Summoner School is an exclusive membership training course to help League of Legends players carry almost anyone. Pros who were previously in Bronze-tier have put in over 1,000 hours transcribing lessons to be great at this amazing game. This is why Summoner School has never been free – and will never be free.

We use to rage playing LoL trying to carry noobs. You may too. It’s not fun even though you enjoy the game.

You cannot put a price on being great at something you love. How much have you spent on RP to buy skins, champions, and rune pages? $50? $100? Some players have paid over $600!

Having that cool Teemo skin doesn’t make you play better. Summoner School does.

There’s a free sample of Summoner School you can signup for on the home page. We also have a YouTube channel with good free videos.

But for the most comprehensive training for everything to get great, you need Summoner School. Get started here.